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Products and Services

We offer a wide range of Products and Services implemented in 3 phases:


As a boutique firm specializing in ILWs and SWAPs we methodically develop a marketing list based on the type of coverage and monitor weekly an interactive pricing grid to effectively plan out all key aspects of our clients' needs and cover all their key objectives from pricing to execution.


We pride ourselves in price effective solutions for our clients worldwide, we work with the clients to have a global strategy and we commit to keeping the deal confidential until we have a firm deal on the table.  We aim to place all business given to us, and there are no ROL that is too small or Limits that are too large.


MICHEL RE is a results orientated firm and our client's satisfaction is our #1 focus.  To achieve the best coverage at the best terms with the best rates and conditions on every deal, is what we strive for.

For further information on prices and details, please call +1 908 238 3020 or contact us at


About $15 billion of capacity is transacted annually in the market on ILW contracts.  It has become a commodity product where buyers and sellers can transact reinsurance coverage without sharing information on the underlying business.MICHEL RE

closely tracks the Bid and Offer prices of ILW triggers by loss levels, regions and perils, in order to provide clients with a reliable and dynamic ILW pricing grid and our own view of the market.  MICHEL RE offers a unique ILW platform to its clients with unique access to Hedge Fund capacity and non-traditional players in the market. To obtain a quote on any ILW structure,

Please Email

Or Call + 1 908 238 3020


Exposure SWAP

Exposure SWAPs or Reciprocity SWAPs are an efficient and cost effective way to manage peak zone exposures.

Instead of buying expensive Retrocession covers or ILW contracts, clients will enter exposure SWAPs with another counterparty to cede out a Peak zone and assume a similar limit of Non-Peak zone, usually as a cash neutral transaction (same premium on both sides).

At MICHEL RE, we monitor the exposure of over 70 well-rated counterparties, reinsurers, insurance companies and hedge funds to achieve efficient match-making. We structure the transaction for both counterparts based on their exposure. The deals are generally cash neutral with similar limits swapped ranging from a minimum of $15m up to $100m. To receive our SWAP offers or express an interest in transacting a swap,

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Or Call + 1 908 238 3020

Retrocession Contracts

At MICHEL RE, we have a list of 50 retrocessionaires that are actively underwriting retro business at competitive prices. We have also created a couple of unique structures to reduce the cost of Retro for our clients with unique features as PPC (Primary Priced Capacity) or CRB (Co-Reinsurance Basket) with various cessions forms : prorata, excess of loss, aggregate or mixed.  We also have a unique list of Retro CAT QS markets ranging from primary insurance companies to collateral markets that are capped or uncapped, country specific or Worldwide, with various commission rate structures.

To receive information on our Retro capabilities and products

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Or Call + 1 908 238 3020


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